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News from Japan

Shane Dorfman Sensei wins KWF Japan Open

Yohji YAMAMOTO Sensei, President of KWF, presenting the kumite trophy to Shane Sensei

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Malcolm Dorfman Sensei & Shane Dorfman Sensei recently travelled to Japan. Malcolm Sensei was involved with discussions with Mikio Yahara Sensei (Chief Instructor), Yohji Yamamoto Sensei (President) and Takashi Naito Sensei (a senior director) on the future plans of the Karate no Michi World Federation.

The highlight of course, was Shane Sensei's success in the prestigious Karate no Michi Japan Open Cup held on 28/29 July 2001 in Chitose, Hokkaido.

L to R: Third place: Norio KAWASAKI Sensei (Japan), First place: Shane DORFMAN Sensei (South Africa), Second place: Tom KOMPIER Sensei (Holland)

The rules of the tournament were those of the original JKA of the seventies - hard budo style shobu-ippon. Yahara Sensei has insisted on a return to the traditional values of Budo Karate and embracing of the martial art spirit. "We are not a sporting organisation. We are a martial arts organisation!"

YAHARA Sensei addressing the contestants

Only two westerners were invited to this tournament, namely the two 2000 Karate no Michi world champions, Shane Dorfman Sensei and Tom Kompier Sensei (Holland).

Shane Sensei became the KWF Japan Open Kumite Champion, adding another title to his illustrious list of international successes.

After several fights against the Japanese exponents, the final resulted in the two westerners being pitted against each other. Shane Sensei scored with two strong gyaku-zuki to clinch the bout and the title.

The interesting point about Shane Sensei and Tom Sensei is that in the 2000 Karate no Michi World Championships in Wales, Shane Sensei beat Tom Sensei in the team events, Tom Sensei beat Shane Sensei on the way to winning the individual title - making this a tie-breaker in the personal friendly rivalry between them.

The two 2000 Karate no Michi world champions (Wales) posing at the start of the KWF Japan Open Cup

At the end of a hard final day, Malcolm Sensei, Naito Sensei, Tamang Pemba Sensei, Shane Sensei and Tom Sensei flew back to Tokyo from Chitose, struggled to find a restaurant because of the late hour, eventually found one and kept the owner very busy (long after offical closing time) celebrating.

The next day a very tired Malcolm Sensei and Shane Sensei flew home.

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