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(Tokyo: 30 March - 1 April 2007)

World champion Shane Dorfman delivers the winning kick on Norio Kawasaki, the Japan champion,
in the final of the KWF Karate World Cup Men's Open Kumite.


At the KWF World Cup on Sun 1 April, Shane Dorfman Sensei  became World Open Grand Champion (winner of both Kata & Kumite) for the 3rd successive World Cup and World Open Kata Champion for the 4th successive World Cup. In addition, he was elected to the International Master Panel (Kokusai Shihankai). Besides Shane Sensei, the South African team took a further 17 medals in the various age sections. 

In the senior category, Bryan Dukas Sensei took 3rd place in the Open Kata behind Shane Sensei and Kawasaki Sensei (Japan). Both Marius Jordaan Sensei (Kumite) and .Ian Duncan Sensei (Kata) ran out comfortable winners in the Veteran divisions.  Madelein Van Tonder Sensei took 2nd place in the Female Kumite division.

 In the junior category, South Africa took the titles in three divisions, Prianka Pillay (12-14 female Kumite), Marco Di Matteo (12-14 Male Kata) and Nicolaas Badenhorst (15-17 Male Kata). See full list of results below.

At the inauguration and opening ceremony of the new $9 million KWF karate headquarters dojo in Tokyo, 8th Dan Malcolm Dorfman Sensei, in his capacity as the most senior westerner in the world, was honoured by being requested to speak on behalf of all western members worldwide as part of the formal congratulatory procedure. Many senior Japanese politicians and celebrities attended the ceremony as VIP guests. Shihankai members, Mike Dukas Sensei, Ian Duncan Sensei and Shane Dorfman Sensei were also in attendance.

 One of the highlights of the trip was the special training session organised for the South African contingent with the legendary Kanazawa Sensei, the 75 year old Japanese master, considered by most experts as the finest Shotokan karate instructor in the world. In addition, the South Africans trained in a seminar the day prior to the World Cup, given by 8th Dan KWF Chief instructor Mikio Yahara, whose superb demonstrations were an inspiration to both spectators and participants alike.


 Full results of the South African team are as follows:

Grand Champion: Shane Dorfman

Male Open Kumite

1. Shane Dorfman (South Africa)
2. Norio Kawasaki (Japan)
3. Ibuki Tawara (Japan)

Male Open Kata

1. Shane Dorfman (South Africa)
2. Norio Kawasaki (Japan)
3. Bryan Dukas (South Africa)


Other South African Senior Medallists

Veteran Kata: Ian Duncan (1st)
Veteran Kumite: Marius Jordaan (1st)
Female Kumite: Madelein Van Tonder (2nd)


South African Junior Medallists

9-11 Male Kumite: Luvuyo Manzi (2nd)
9-11 Female Kata: Donnay French (2nd)

12-14 Female Kumite: Prianka Pillay (1st)
12-14 Female Kata: Jamiela Cornelius(2nd)

12-14 Male Kumite: Jason Thomas (3rd)
12-14 Male Kata: Marco Di Matteo (1st), Austen Parfitt (3rd)

15-17 Male Kumite: Eugene Jonker (3rd)
15-17 Male Kata: Nicolaas Badenhorst (1st), Ryan South (3rd)

15-17 Female Kumite: Leandri Husselman (2nd), Lizae Wessels (3rd)
15-17 Female Kata: Laura Beamish (3rd)

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