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2002 Karate no Michi World Cup
held in Miami, U.S.A., 3 - 4 August 2002

Click here for more results and photos of the South African Competitors

Senior Results


Shane Dorfman, South Africa

Male Budo Kumite

Left to right: Luigi Marra, Shane Dorfman, Tom Kompier

1.   Shane Dorfman (South Africa)
2.   Luigi Marra (Italy)
3.   Tom Kompier (Holland)

Male Traditional Kata

1.   Shane Dorfman (South Africa)
2.   Yuichiro Shibata (Japan)
3.   Kevin Warner (U.S.A.)

Female Traditional Kumite

1.   Stephanie Miner (U.S.A.)
2.   Marchelle Bailey (South Africa)
3.   Jacqueline Fossie (U.S.A.)

Female Traditional Kata

1.   Linda Doner (U.S.A)
2.   Tina Bellemans (Belgium)
3.   Stacey-Lee Bolon (South Africa)

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