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2005 WSKA World Championships

held in Chicago - October 2005

Shane Dorfman Sensei holding his trophy
aloft for the Men's Open Kumite
- WSKA World Championships 2005

The South African contingent at the WSKA World Championships 2005 -
Ed Mbende-Benga, Michael Roetz Sensei (coach), Shane Dorfman Sensei and Louise Tieleman

Shane Dorfman Sensei relaxing in preparation
for the Men's Open Kumite final

Shane Dorfman Sensei, 6th Dan, returned to South Africa from Chicago, USA as the new WSKA World All-Shotokan Open Kumite Champion. This prestigious title was achieved in an open weight category against top fighters from the different major Shotokan karate organisations throughout the world, including the JKA, JKS and KWF. 

Shane’s performance was lauded by the many top masters and legends of the karate world present as he demolished his opponents round after round, where each fight was won within the distance and a total of only one half point scored against him. Among his opponents were world and European all-styles champions and medallists. The final was won in grand style as Shane defeated the German champion with a maximum 4-0 victory.

On his corner was KWF SA national coach, Michael Roetz Sensei, also 6th Dan, who assisted Shane Sensei in the latter stage of his training program with fine-tuning and tactical ideas. For his father and instructor, Malcolm Dorfman Sensei 8th Dan, this was the culmination of the 24 years of joint dedication and perseverance from both instructor and student.

Prior to this championship, Shane had accrued 5 world titles between 2000 and 2004, but this particular title had eluded him and had become his goal in the competition sphere of karate. This achievement is more commendable, as his preparation time was divided between being a medical doctor and training and had to compete against opponents who in many instances are full time professional karateka.

Malcolm Dorfman Sensei had an extremely busy schedule for the three days prior to the World Championship with meetings, representing South Africa as the delegate for the World Congress, as a member of the WSKA Referee Examination Panel conducting qualification tests for the new judges, and participating in the kata standardisation seminars.

At the World Championship, he was kept busy as chief referee of one of the 4 floors for the two days and then as a referee or judge in the finals of the various categories (with the exception of the Men’s Kumite final where Shane Sensei was competing).

Malcolm Dorfman Sensei in action as referee
at the WSKA World Championships 2005

Overall Senior Results [pdf 110K]

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