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History of Karate no Michi South Africa

Our JKA rootsMemory lane...
Karate no Michi South Africa has deep roots in the tradition of shotokan karate. The organisation that exists today still adheres to the traditions of the past. Karate was first formally introduced to the Japanese in 1922 by Okinawan school teacher and karate master, Gichin Funakoshi. He studied under Shuri-te masters Anko Itosu and Yasutsune Azato. Funakoshi demonstrated his art for Japanese dignitaries, instructed at the Butokukai Military Arts College in Kyoto and at Keio University in Tokyo. More...This gallery represents a pictorial record going back to the original Japanese Karate Association, before the death of Nakayama Sensei. The photo's cover various events that occurred both locally and overseas. You will recognise many of the great names that have made karate history. Click here to access the gallery...
A Proud Heritage
Our organisation operated as JKA South African Karate Union during the 90's. During this time the organisation grew to become a strong traditional JKA style organisation under the leadership of Malcolm Sensei. Despite many political changes the spirit of the organisation remains what it has always been. Read more about the historical events that shaped the organisation and the many accomplishments of our students during this time...

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