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Karate no Michi S.A. 2000 news

As from January 2001, the abbreviation for the Karate no Michi World Federation will no longer be WKWF, it has been amended more appropriately to KWF (KARATE-NO-MICHI WORLD FEDERATION).

Last year will go down as exceptional for Malcolm Dorfman Sensei and Karate no Michi South Africa.

Senior international gradings were held at the KWF 2000 world championships in Cardiff, Wales. Malcolm Sensei took the karate world by storm by becoming the only non-Japanese to achieve eighth dan at the first attempt, which he obtained from the Karate no Michi World Federation, a mainline JKA Shotokan-style organisation in Japan, headed by Mikio Yahara Sensei. Ian Duncan Sensei was given a sixth dan ranking at the same grading examination.

The KWF South African team became the overall KWF 2000 Karate no Michi World Champions, including winning the male kata team and kumite team events in the senior and junior categories. The team took 77 medals - almost twice that of second-placed Spain. The male kumite team comprised Shane Dorfman, Michael Kliment and Tyrone Theodorides and the male kata team comprised Michael Roetz, Bryan Dukas and Tyrone Theodorides.

For the full results of the 2000 KWF Karate no Michi World Championships, please go to the results page.

Malcolm Sensei's sons, Shane (25) and Saville (16), took world titles at the KWF 2000 Karate no Michi World Championships in Cardiff, Wales, in July, Shane taking the individual senior kata title and Saville the overall Junior Champion title. The brothers also received senior national colours for representing South Africa at the Africa Zone 6 Championships. This award makes Saville the youngest recipient of senior South African colours. Shane was awarded senior colours twice in 2000 when he represented South African at the WKF World Championships in Munich, as were Michael Roetz, Bryan Dukas, Tyrone Theodorides and Kerry McMaster.

By being selected to represent South Africa in Hungary in December, Saville received his junior national colours for the sixth year since 1993.

A student who deserves special mention for his achievement at the Hungary world championships, is Kevin Croft from the Headquarters dojo, who won a gold medal for the boys 14 years old kata division.

On the national front, the year began with a training seminar conducted by Malcolm Sensei. This was attended by senior instructors from all corners of the country. It set the technical standard for the year and was followed by the KWF South African National Championships for which more than 1000 entries were received. The team for the KWF 2000 Karate no Michi Championships in Wales was selected from these contestants.

For results of the 2000 KWF Karate no Michi National Championships, held at the Wembley Stadium, please go to the results page.

National gradings, up to fourth dan, were held twice in 2000 under the Japanese- authorised panel headed by Malcolm Sensei, who holds an international A-class grading licence. He is the only non-Japanese in the world to have been awarded this rank by the Karate no Michi World Federation. Members of the panel who hold international grading licences are Mike Dukas Sensei, Ian Duncan Sensei, Shane Dorfman Sensei and Michael Roetz Sensei.

An important aspect of the 2000 Karate no Michi National Championships was the development section for lower graded members aged 7 to 17 years. This event was of major importance due to need to develop depth in South African karate and not only focus on elite current stars. This is where n

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