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Malcolm Dorfman underprivileged children's karate program

IIn 2002 Malcolm Dorfman Sensei decided to contibute to improving the lives of a group of young black underprivileged children from the Carl Sithole Home in Soweto by giving them the opportunity to receive top class instruction in karate. Among this group are children that are HIV positive, orphans or abandoned at birth or even later.

Karate-gi were bought for them or donated by Opal Sports and at the end of every training session each child receives a sponsored Powerade health drink.

Malcolm Dorfman Sensei initiated the class, setting the ground rules for their development.

Thereafter, classes were instructed alternately by Colleen Van Rooyen and Jadi Mgandela, black belt members of the Malcolm Dorfman KWF Karate Institute and at a later stage Josh Feldman joined the list of instructors.

Josh Feldman, well known former KTV presenter, then took over instructing the group at the start of 2003. His comment: "seeing the pleasure in their eyes is what makes it all worth while" sums up the attitude of the instructors who give and have given their time to these underprivileged children's development.

Gradings are held twice a year by Malcolm Dorfman Sensei, who monitors their progress and advises the instructor in charge. All the children are given free membership of Karatenomichi (KWF) South Africa and free access to all the benefits and privileges of the organisation.

James, an adult overseer from the Carl Sithole Home diligently ensures that the children are taken to their classes and his kindly and benevolent attitude to the children does much to assist the Malcolm Dorfman KWF Karate Institute in achieving their common goal.

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